T-Craft Realistic

The texture pack got a realistic approach to its graphics. It’s a great starter pack as it still uses a lot of the design elements found in the original Minecraft game. The textures got

Elveland Light

Elveland is texture pack which turns Minecraft into a more calm and intriguing world. The textures is quite detailed but it doesn’t make them feel cluttered. The overall impression is nice and works perfect

Frenden’s Cartoon Pack

A 16×16 high quality cartoon pack. It’s really amazing how one pack with this low resolution can become such a great mixture of textures. If you are looking for a low resolution cartoon textures


SilverMines got a cartoon/comic feel to it. It’s a frequently updated texture pack with lots of interesting and beautiful details. At the moment it’s only available in 64×64 but hopefully that won’t stop you


The creator of CrafteePack tried to remain having the Minecraft blocky type of design but instead giving it a more natural and less noisy look. Not all textures are completely redesigned, many are also


Tim-Pack is a simple texture with calm colors with a cartoon type of style. Almost all textures have a very cool approach to its layout and it’s perfect for those who just want a